Acoustic LegPad for cello

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The Acoustic LegPad® is a revolutionary patented pad that, thanks to its specially designed acoustic insulator padding, developes the free vibration of the instrument, enhancing sound and  creation of harmonics.
Fixed optimally to the leg thanks to its elastic velcro strips.
Highly recommended!

1- Optimizes the acoustics of the instrument, improving the quality of sound and enhancing the auditory experience

2- Allows for a comfortable support of the instrument, avoiding direct contact on the leg.

3- Prevents adopting a poor posture due to the pain excerted on the leg by the instrument.

4- Helps young students pinpoint the proper position of the instrument on the leg.

5- Protects the instrument from varnish wear

6- Can be worn under or over clothing.

7- Washing machine safe. 

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