Cello case Accord Robust 3,5 Kg

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The Accord robust cello case is the perfect choice for the frequently travelling cellist.
Two extra layers of carbon reinforced material and Kevlar-tissue make this case twice as strong!Around the bridge the case would withstand at least 80 kilos.
Our recommendation: for more valuable instruments or for more heavy-duty use.
You can order this case in any colour of the palette with a supplement of € 100 on the price ... and some weeks of waiting.

Weight: 3,5 Kg


- Tailor-made cello bearing
- 7 Special locks
- 2 bows holders
- Side handle
- Suspension system
- Inside: Foam insulation in gray
- Accessories bag
- Straps made of nylon with carabiner

Inside measures:
The cello should have at least 5 mm clearance to the case shell.

- Total length:  131,5 cm
- Upper bout: 38,5 cm
- Lower bout: 46,6 cm
- Case inner height bridge area: 29,2 cm

- Total length:  131,5 cm
- Upper bout: 42 cm
- Lower bout: 49,8 cm
- Case inner height bridge area: 30,6 cm

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