Wittner finetune pegs set

  • Description

- Effortless and fast tuning, with enhanced precision: a transmission ratio of 8.5 - 1 compared to ordinary pegs, eliminating the need for fine tuners.
- Easily fitted, no modifications to peg box needed: The tapered peg is put in place without glue by simply pressing it into the peg box just like an ordinary peg
- Made of "high tech" composite material and light alloy: selecting Wittner pegs assists in the conservation of natural resources.
- Self-inhibiting mechanism inside the peg; the string will not lose tension. It will also be much more resistant to losing pitch after knocks to the case, or during changes in climate and humidity, which is particularly beneficial to travelling musicians.
- Very little peg and peghole maintenance required: the shaft of the peg does not spin in the peghole like a standard peg, therefore there is no friction to cause erosion of the pegbox wall
- Appearance of standard wooden pegs.
- Less effort to use than standard pegs, which is of great benefit to players suffering from arthritis or repetitive strain injury
- The price include 4 pegs.
- The pegs are available with diameter of 12,5 mm., 14 mm. and 15,5 mm.

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