Finissima mute violin

  • Description

The Finissima mute transforms the violin sound into a smooth muting effect without diminishing or eliminating many of the important overtones that are often lost with mutes that ‘pinch’ the bridge. The mute applies pressure only to the top of the bridge, thus letting the bridge ‘breathe’ while producing a subdued tone-color that is able to be projected in a hall. The mute may stay permanently on the strings ready for use. The violin mute is easily placed on the bridge of the violin. It slides from the strings onto the bridge to mute the sound. Holding the bridge with your index finger and using light downward pressure on the back of the mute with the thumb, you slide the mute forward until the leading edge rides over the top of the bridge. The mute is normally placed between the A and D strings, resting behind the bridge on the string windings back towards, but not touching, the tailpiece, ready for instant and noiseless use.

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