Shoulder Rest Mach One with hook MAH for violin

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Peter Mach:

"After producing the Mach One Shoulder Rest for about 10 years and believing the ergonomic shape of the rest to be so perfect that there is no room for improvement, I started experimenting again. The result is an elegant, even more ergonomic rest. The new idea is to continue hugging the shoulder as far as possible, creating a slight "hook" on the shoulder side of the Rest. From the start my idea was to create the slimmest Rest ever. I eliminated the thick unsightly foam pads, replacing them with the best quality nubuck leather pads. To my surprise the new rest with "hook" fits so well and since it does not slide off the shoulder, it almost eliminates the need for the leather pad. In this condition the rest is surprisingly only 5.5 mm thick. The Violin Mach Rest will fit 3/4 and full size violin".




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