Accord cello cases

The Accord success story began with an aspiring cello student Robert Schenk in the Hague. Tired of having to drag his heavy cello case to his lessons, he came up with an idea to make a much lighter cello case that is still protective enough for the instrument. Thinking of ways to realize his idea, he came across carbon fiber.
Some years later Accord has become the most prestigious company making instrument cases in carbon fiber, not only for cello, but also for guitar, violin, viola, etc ...


Cello case Accord Economic. 3,4 Kg

Cello case Accord Standard. 2,8 Kg

Cello case Accord Ultralight 2,3 Kg

Cello case Accord Robust 3,5 Kg

Accord Flight Cover

Fiedler Backpack system

Fiedler Backpack system

Buffet set with detailed instructions

Magnetic third bow system